Schecter Demon-6FR



USED! Looks and plays great!

With a Floyd Rose bridge, a locking nut, Diamond active pickups, and classic Schecter body design, the Demon 6 FR is a lot of guitar for a little price.
What’s special about this item?
Feature: What it does:
Floyd Rose Special tremolo Smooth and stable whammy work
Maple neck Bright tone, full sustain and strength
Wenge fretboard Hard wood with open grain for raw feel
Basswood body Big, warm midrange tones

Emerging from the depths of the abyss rises the newest incarnation of the Schecter Demon-6 FR coming forth to unleash fire and brimstone upon the world. The Demon-6 FR comes equipped with the brand new Schecter Diamond Active pickups and is destined to melt the faces off the unbelievers.

Brandishing a wenge fretboard with 24 extra jumbo frets, a bolt-on maple neck, 14″ radius, 25.5″ scale length, thin C neck shape, grey pearloid gothic crosses, Floyd Rose Special “hot rod” bridge(Schecter exclusive), Floyd Rose locking nut, and Schecter’s famed C body shape, the Demon-6 FR embodies all the aggressive characteristics of a guitar ready to unleash fury. Finished off in an aged black satin color with black chrome appointments, the Schecter Demon rises again. SGR-1C molded case sold separately.