Lanikai MA-5T Mahogany 5-String Tenor Ukulele




The Lanikai MA-5T 5 String Tenor Ukulele sports a Mahogany laminate top, back & sides, with a smooth satin finish. Mahogany is known for its traditional look and warm tone. The body is outlined with a contrasting cream-colored ABS binding, adding additional bump protection while enhancing the overall appearance.

The surprise here is the sound! So much more depth and volume than you might expect from a ukulele. The low G tuning, paired with a high G string, develops a rich deep sound that is complemented by the brighter, higher string. The larger tenor body projects this wonderful sound with a sustain that is just amazing!

Lanikai completes the package with installed chrome strap buttons, their slightly wider neck for player comfort, an included 5mm gig bag, along with a limited lifetime warranty, to make this Lanikai MA-5T Ukulele an all-around great value!