Friedman Jerry Cantrel JJ Head + Friedman 112 Cab





Friedman 112 Vintage Cabinet Features:

  • The perfect complement to your JJ-Junior (Jerry Cantrell’s signature 20-watt head)
  • Closed-back, front-ported design yields super-tight low end
  • Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker epitomizes classic British tone
  • Oversized, 12-gauge speaker wire captures every ounce of your tone
  • Exhibits excellent bass, mid response, and high-end sizzle
  • Features sturdy, tongue-and-groove Baltic birch construction
  • Includes a black tolex covering and an eye-catching salt-and-pepper grille

    Tailor-made for Friedman’s JJ-Junior (Jerry Cantrell’s signature 20-watt head), the 112 Vintage is a closed-back, front-ported 1 x 12” extension cabinet. This handcrafted cab features sturdy, tongue-and-groove Baltic birch construction, and exhibits excellent bass, mid response, and high-end sizzle. The 112 Vintage captures every ounce of your tone, thanks to oversized, 12-gauge speaker wire that’s soldered between the speaker and terminal. Whether you use it in the studio, or as part of a stereo wet/dry/wet rig, the Friedman 112 Vintage includes a black tolex covering and an eye-catching salt-and-pepper grille.

    Celestion Creamback speaker exhibits classic British tone

    The Friedman 112 Vintage’s Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker serves up classic British tone by the truckload. In the 1960s, Celestion’s original G12M Greenback speakers helped shape generations of guitar tone and became a staple of modern music. With its warmth and distinctive growl, the G12M-65 Creamback produces the familiar woody G12M tone, with low-end grunt complementing its warm lower mids, crunchy upper mids, and sweet highs. The guitarists here at Sweetwater appreciate how versatile G12M-65 Creambacks are — these speakers are great for vintage and modern tones alike.