Danelectro Convertible


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The Danelectro Convertible was a hollow-bodied thinline acoustic/electric guitar based on the Shorthorn. It had a conventional round sound hole with a lipstick pickup mounted across the hole. The Convertible name came from the ability to play it unplugged as an acoustic guitar or plugged in as an electric guitar. The Convertible has the double cutaway shape used on Danelectro’s DC series of guitars.

The Convertible was originally produced in the 1960s. It was offered as a reissue between 1998 and 2001. The guitar is currently being reissued. The reissues differ from the originals in that they have mounted the pickup diagonally across the soundhole, and there is only one concentric knob as opposed to two separate tone and volume knobs. The reissues also have a cable jack located in the strap knob.

The Convertible had a floating bridge and a separate tailpiece. On the Convertible, the tailpiece was used to hold the strings equally apart while the metal riser on the bridge was not notched, with the undesirable result that the strings slid back & forth on the bridge when the guitarist bent strings while playing.