Tiesco Del Rey E-110 Vintage 1060’s


Here’s a taste of 1060’s Japanese manufacturing with sassy Californian flare! Check out this E-110 by Tiesco Del Rey!! A rare find in decent playing condition from this era, at a price that can’t be beat!


Vintage Del Rey E-110

Here we have a mysterious piece from 1960s Japan, a Del Ray branded E-110 electric guitar.  What makes this instrument so mysterious is its simple “Del Ray” label, rather than the expected “Teisco Del Ray” brand.  Because of the string retention bar, we can be sure it’s not an original Teisco, which would seem to implicate that it’s a post Kawai buyout Teisco, but this may not be the case either, though it seems to be the best guess.  Whatever the make, this instrument was well loved by its previous owner, who left plenty of love marks on the finish.  The neck still plays wonderfully.  The single-coil pick-up has a pleasant neutral sound with lots of warmth to it. The “tulip” shape is dripping in ‘60s Japanese style and the sunburst finish has some cracks on it which is common among vintage models but still looks great when polished up. Brand New Hardcase included for only $50!!

Weight: 6 lbs. 1 oz.

c.1960s Made in Japan

All of our instruments are inspected by our manufacturer certified technician and stored in our humidity and temperature controlled warehouse. All listings are as pictured in the included photographs. We ship all of our instruments through UPS Ground with protection. Please reach out and contact us at Kenny’s Music with any questions you may have!


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